Chiptunes 4 Autism Volume 2: Power to the Spectrum

by Chiptunes4Autism

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TMS Chiptunes 4 Autism Volume 2 is magnificently special as it supports a very worthy cause, and the many contributors gave their time and unique individual talents to make the album possible. Favorite track: Finding Daylight.
Bryan HS
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Bryan HS So proud to be on this release. A bunch of awesome peeps came together to make one hell of a comp, some of these tracks are really spectacular (super catchy melodies, couple good guitar tracks, this siqqqq 3-D collab, and *whoever* that Chain Reaction weirdo is covered like 7 genres at once?!) - thanks again to Gustuf for organizing everything, and to Toni Leys for the AMAZING mastering job.

I love you all.

Pick this up to get some heckin rad tunes and support a wonderful cause in the process. Favorite track: Captain Voltage.
MPG Music
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MPG Music Great product for a great cause, proud to be both a contributor to and a supporter for this collection of amazing chiptunes. Worth every penny! Favorite track: Captain Voltage.
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This is the second compilation from our fundraising non-profit collective! Our first compilation was about awareness and acceptance but our second is about empowerment, hence our bright red cover and dynamic artwork by the talented Mr. Jason Fox @Graffox Graphics.

The theme of this compilation is empowerment, to make people feel unafraid of a diagnosis or being labeled autistic and to help them feel a sense of empowerment, a sense of pride in their neurodivergence and most importantly, confidence in themselves and their unique worldview and place in society.

100% of our proceeds go to great causes that empower people on the Spectrum as well as promote and celebrate their neurodiversity! Those causes are: - a nonprofit dedicated to developing networks of support for neurodivergent people and helping them through the social networks of video games!
Nonpareil Institute ( - An institute founded by a dad that trains autistics for jobs in the technology sector that also raises funds through live casts and their own game studio with autistic students. - an organization that celebrates autism and helps young autistic adults find empowerment by giving hem skills and workshops to find jobs that will further empower them.

Follow Chiptunes4Autism at these places and join us in empowering the Spectrum!

Mastering by Toni Leys

Cover Art by Jason Fox
Twitter @graffoxgraphics
Instagram @graffoxgraphics

Website sponsor/hosting by Sam Polkinghorne

Special thanks to Chiptunes=WIN for their guidelines which we used for our compilation and the great support from their community!

Another thanks to Tiny Waves, who let us raid their Discord channel for some organic share action and providing donation gifts for our second live showcase!

And more thanks to MicroD for furnishing prize vinyls for both of showcases thus far ( as well as Space Donut/Rust Easy, DJ Marty Gruver, Bit.Lich, DJ Roborob, Beaker and Josh Krow for joining us in our live showcases - while they could not submit to this compilation, these artists participated in our live shows which raised funds for the causes above without asking for a dime - thanks you all!

Special thanks of all to our contributors - Michael Blanton, Bruce Gil, Ava Hart, Aaron Parsons, Ricky Case, Bryan HS, Emre Saglam, Manu Brees, Yannis Brown, Andrew Sargent, Carl Ellement, Marcos Codas, Jordan Cass, Michael McKitterick, Randolph Waddell, Aaron Hickman, Ethan Desautels, Cristian Tellez Vargas, Victor Havel, Brian Follick, Christopher Cerulli and Adrian Shegstad - thank you all for your amazing tunes! You guys made this all possible!

And the biggest thanks to you - thanks for listening, donating, and thanks so much for being here.


released July 14, 2017

Rights reserved by the creators of the tracks, as listed by track.



all rights reserved


Chiptunes4Autism Fort Worth, Texas

We are a non-profit organization looking to raise autism acceptance, empower people on the spectrum and promote neurodiversity through the power of chiptune! Join us!
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Track Name: ATKStat - Pressure
Nothing can save me, I'm lost to the passage of time!
Stuck in an infinite loop, living in a never-ending lie!
I'll break out!

Standing alone, watching over the world.
This feeling overcomes me, as I'm growing cold.
I lose my ability to feel, as I get old.
I'll do anything I can, to break this hold.

I can feel the pressure;
It's getting harder and harder.
Like a river washing over me,
Pulling me under the water.
Please get me away from here,
You are my only hope.
I can feel the tightening,
I'm getting burns from the rope.
And I hear you say...

It's all in your head. (All in my head!)
It's all in your head. (All in my head!)
Track Name: Beta-man - Thermosphere
Thermosphere x2
Nations rise
Troposphere x2
I am here
Lift off
Lift off
Lift off
Lift off
Lift off
Contact me
Walk the trails
Systems fail
People sail
Hope and life
Sad housewives
Smarter phones
I can rise
Over the limits
I can ride
The sun and swim in it
My sun shines
When I hear the beat of noise channels